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Balloon Twisting

Let our talented Balloon Artists keep you and the kids entertained for hours with custom on-demand designs and balloon twisting novelties for any event or occasion. 

Most of our designs take under 3 minutes to make - so the kids get their balloon treats as quickly as possible without giving up the quality. 

We use the highest quality balloons too, which means less popping and the fun will last for ages.

Our Balloons

Balloons are not plastic!


Our balloons are made from natural latex that is extracted from the sap of rubber trees - so it's a renewable, biodegradable product that is environmentally friendly and long-lasting. 

Helium balloons are made of plastic - which is why most of our designs don't use them. We can provide speciality helium balloons on request but our twisting balloons and balloon decor all use latex balloons. Fun for us and safe for the planet. 

We are proud supporters of the Pin & Bin movement to promote responsible disposal of balloons when you're finished enjoying them.

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Balloon Decor

Want to make your event look amazing and feel like fun?

Looking for a special custom made present?

Check out our awesome range of Balloon Decor available to order online!

We make designs just for you, and deliver them to your home or set them up ready for your big event.


Sessions run for 1.5 hours most days. Combination packages, party packages, single entertainment and more options available - simply click the links below to see all package options.

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All Packages Here

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$145 for 20 guests

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$160 - 15 ppl

$230 - 30 ppl

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$240 - 15 ppl

$300 - 30 ppl

Contact Us

Please reach out for questions, quotes on packages, or anything you'd like to know.

Phone: 0423 374 099 or  Email

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