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Bling Bar

The Bling Bar consists of a huge selection of jewels, glitter and bling to accompany your face painting artworks.

Jewels are backed with medical tape to make them safe and easy to remove.

All pieces are handcrafted by us to ensure their quality and safety.

Bedazzle your face art with our unique Bling Bar options!

Glitter me please!

A Bling Bar is a selection of shiny, sparkly products, to enhance & compliment, your face painting designs. Bedazzle your face art with our unique stick on handcrafted jewels. 

We use medical tape backing to make them easy and safe to remove.

Our Glitters:
  • Biodegradable glitter is available on request.

  • Festival Glitter is iridescent, confetti glitter.​

  • Fine Glitter is "Fairy Dust" that give all over lustre.

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Cleaning UP

1. Simply remove with

soap & water

 (Body wash may leave colour residue)

2. Some colours will need a little extra attention

(Due to strong pigmentation of paint colours)

Washing 2-3 times may be required


If any slight staining persists, either a little baby/olive oil or face moisturizer left on for a few minutes then washed off gets rid of any traces.


Sessions run for 1.5 hours most days. Combination packages, party packages, single entertainment and more options available - simply click the links below to see all package options.

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All Packages Here

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$170 for 20 guests

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$180 - 15 ppl

$330 - 30 ppl

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$280 - 15 ppl

$400 - 30 ppl

Contact Us

Please reach out for questions, quotes on packages, or anything you'd like to know.

Phone: 0423 374 099 or  Email

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