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Assorted Coloured Latex -Loose on ribbon

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Coloured Latex balloons, helium inflated on individual ribbons

Pain balloons are standard colours
Chromes are metallic colours

Happy Birthday Print


10 x Loose Balloons-On Ribbon

15 x Loose Balloons-On Ribbon

20 x Loose Balloons-On Ribbon

50 x Loose Balloons-On Ribbon

75 x Loose Balloons-On Ribbon

100x Loose Balloons-On Ribbon

While most ceilings are suitable for balloons, a few are not. Some surfaces will pop the balloons, and sloping surfaces will cause all the balloons to end up in one area. A breeze through the room will also cause them to bunch together or even be blown out of the room. Balloons will float for about 18 hours.

How do I know how many balloons I need for the ceiling?
There is a great formula to work out how many balloons you need. Multiply the length (L) and the width (W) of the space you want to cover with balloons on the ceiling. Then… L x W x 10 = This will completely “carpet” the ceiling with balloons. L x W x 7 = perfect number for a dancefloor effect. L x W x 5 = a scattered effect for a boardroom or large area.

balloons come with NO float extension: add float Extension gel for $0.50 per balloon

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