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  • Are balloons made of plastic - aren't they bad for the environment?
    All our twisting and balloon art balloons are made out of natural rubber latex harvested from the sap of trees, which makes them renewable, sustainable materials that are biodegradable. Helium balloons are made of plastic and we do use them but only on request. All balloons should be disposed of responsibly, pop them and put them in the bin.
  • Are the paints safe to use on kids faces?
    Yes! We belive you get what you pay for, so our paints are all the highest quality paints. They are: - FDA approved - Cosmetic grade - Antibacterial - Hypoallergenic - Easy to wash off Perfectly safe for long-wearing fun.
  • How do I remove the paint and bling?
    Facepaint removal: 1. Simply remove with soap & water (Body wash may leave colour residue) ​ 2. Some colours will need a little extra attention (Due to strong pigmentation of paint colours) Washing 2-3 times may be required If any slight staining persists, either a little baby/olive oil or face moisturizer left on for a few minutes then washed off gets rid of any traces. Bling removal: 1. Simply remove with soap & water ​ 2. Some Glitter maybe persistent (it may turn up inspected but that's part of the fun !)
  • What type of glitter do you use?
    - Biodegradable glitter is available on request. - Festival Glitter is iridescent, confetti glitter.​ - Fine Glitter is "Fairy Dust" that give all over lustre.
  • Can I get Facepainting AND Balloon Twisting at an event?
    Yes! We are a husband and wife team and can both come to entertain your whole party. Simply book one of our combo packages or give us a call to see how we can make your party amazing.
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